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For more than 20 years, we at OKM are inventing, developing and manufacturing innovative and high-performing geophysical instruments like metal detectors, 3D ground scanners, ground penetrating radars, water detectors and more.

OKM Historie

From unique idea to trendsetter in the detector industry: OKM always keeps its finger on the pulse with its versatile detector technology.

OKM Team

Meet the OKM team: Inventors, engineers, technicians, support consultants, trainers and more: United by the drive to create unique products and best services. Join our team now!


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Innovation, Forschung & Entwicklung

Thanks to constant innovations, OKM is a trendsetter in the detector industry. Locating technologies are often copied, but never achieved. Convince yourself of the original OKM - Made in Germany!

Produktion der OKM Detektoren

After intensive research and development, precise work and detailed practical tests, our engineers are convinced that each of our OKM detectors meets our highest standards as well as our costumers’ high expectations. OKM guarantees high quality Made in Germany. Convince yourself!


Test review by German IHK certifies the uniqueness and reliability of and repeatability with metal detection technology by OKM.

Tiefenleistung von OKM Detektoren

Detectors and 3D ground scanners by OKM have revolutionized treasure hunting, archaeology, geotechnical exploration with their unrivalled depth performances. Explore buried treasures and secrets at astonishing depths!

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